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These Are The Biggest Celebrity Breakups Of 2020 So Far

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35. Jeff Lewis And Scott Anderson
In May, Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis went to his SiriusXM radio show Jeff Lewis Live to tell fans that he and Scott Anderson had decided to split

He said, "He's had a lot of anxiety, a lot of frustration, and it got to a point where I felt that he was hyper-critical of me. It was a lot of negativity and always complaining." He continued, "I feel like I worked very hard in the relationship. I felt like I was very good to him. Look. I'll be honest. Sometimes he bugs the s--- out of me. But the positive always outweighs the negative. So I look past things and I let them go. [But] it's been like weeks of negativity, and I found that it just started waring on me."