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These Are The Biggest Celebrity Breakups Of 2020 So Far

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Breakups are universal — they happen to everyone. While we've all experienced the heartbreak that is the end of a relationship, not all of us have the breakup go down under the spotlight of the public eye. For celebrities, this is their reality, and we have to admit we don't envy their high-profile situation one bit. 

Each year, we're shocked by the amount of celebrity splits that go down — even when it's hardly halfway through the year. 2020 has been no different, as we already have 30 major splits under our belt. Some of these breakups mark the end of 10+ year relationships, while others are the end of couples that have been together for only a year or two. 

From Ashley Benson and Cara Delevinge to Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy, we've been pretty shocked by the demise of these relationships. Not only that, but some have been pretty messy too — we're talking citings of "inappropriate marital conduct," restraining orders, and emergency orders for divorce. Yikes.

Keep reading for all the breakups of 2020 so far, and remember to check back in as we update you on the future ones to come.