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The Biggest Celebrity Breakups And Hookups Of 2021

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26. Breakup: Clare Crawley And Dale Moss
Ok, so this one could also get the "hookup" label because the two were recently spotted getting cozy again, but their breakup was definitely a bit of noteworthy news from 2021.

If you recall, Clare Crawley of the 16th season of The Bachelorette famously left the show after only a few weeks because she only had eyes for contestant Dale Moss, who later proposed. In mid-January, it was announced that the couple had split. Moss wrote on Instagram, "I wanted share with you all that Clare and I have decided to go our separate ways. We appreciate the love and support we've received from so many people, but this is the healthiest decision for both of us at this time. We strongly believe in leading with love and always remaining true to oneself — something our families have taught and instilled in us throughout our lives. We only hope the best things for one another." 

One month later and the two were spotted spending time down in Florida, so it's still to be determined if they're back on as a couple, or just having a brief reconciliation.