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Breakups happen to everyone, including celebrities. In fact, it feels like they especially happen among celebs, whose private lives are on display for the world to see. I mean, imagine if every time you went through a breakup it became national news that you had to see everywhere you looked? I don't know about you, but that's definitely something that I do not envy. 

2018 has been a pretty wild year, and it feels absolutely insane that it's already coming to a close. Over the last (almost) 12 months, we've witnessed some pretty big celebrity breakups — whether the relationships were short lived (hi Ariana and Pete), or marriages that lasted nearly a decade, many celebs made the choice to go their separate ways. 

You never know what the future holds for these former couples, but for now, they are officially no more. Here are the biggest celebrity breakups from 2018. Better luck next year.