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Country Music's Biggest Scandals

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23. Carrie Underwood Vs. Jessica Simpson
Carrie Underwood dated Dallas quarterback Tony Romo for a few months in 2007 before splitting up, which didn't seem like headlining news. It became sensational, though, when Jessica Simpson began dating Romo in 2008, and tabloids felt like there had to be some friction between the two country singers. 

Apparently, the alleged bad blood began when Underwood told Allure that Romo still occasionally called her. 

"I don't understand why she would say that," Simpson told a San Francisco radio station. "I respect Carrie, and I would never say anything like that."

But the supposed "feud" ended there. Simpson said their friction was all "media driven" and wasn't real, and Underwood explained that she stayed friends with all of her exes and she didn't mean anything by her comment.

“I generally have been friends with ex-boyfriends. Sometimes the whole media thing adds, well not sometimes, every time it adds a little obstacle,” Underwood told People. “But before all this, everybody I had ever dated I was friends with.”