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Country Music's Biggest Scandals

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16. Blake Shelton Vs. Ray Price
Blake Shelton insulted music legend Ray Price when he called classic country tracks "grandpa music."

"Nobody wants to listen to their grandpa's music," Shelton said during his GAC 'Backstory' interview. "And I don't care how many of these old farts around Nashville going, 'My God, that ain't country!' Well, that's because you don't buy records anymore. The kids do, and they don't want to buy the music you were buying."

Ray Price had some strong words for Shelton after hearing his take, saying, "It's a shame that I have spent 63 years in this business trying to introduce music to a larger audience and to make it easier for the younger artists who are coming behind me," he wrote on Facebook. "You should be so lucky as us old-timers."

Shelton quickly went on Twitter to apologize, not realizing his previous statement was offensive. "Whoa!!! I heard I offended one of my all time favorite artists Ray Price. I hate that I upset him...The truth is my statement was and STILL Is about how we as the new generation of country artists have to keep re-inventing country music to keep it popular. Just EXACTLY... The way Mr. Price did along his journey as a mainstream country artist."