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Country Music's Biggest Scandals

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26. Travis Tritt Vs. Billy Ray Cyrus
In 1992, when Travis Tritt was asked what he thought of Billy Ray Curus' song "Achy Breaky Heart," he answered truthfully and said he thought the single was "frivolous," didn't "really make much of a statement," and that he didn't want to see country music turned into a butt wiggling contest. 

Cyrus got Tritt back for his comments, though, at the 1993 American Music Awards. When Cyrus won the award for Favorite Country Single, he pointedly told the audience, "To those who don't appreciate it for what it is, 'Here's a Quarter, Call Someone Who Cares.'" He just used one of Tritt's songs against him!

The two artists eventually let go of the feud as the years went by, and they have even performed together a time or two since.