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Country Music's Biggest Scandals

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14. Garth Brooks Vs. Waylon Jennings
Garth Brooks and Waylon Jennings have never met, but for some reason the country legend didn't like Brooks or his style of music. Waylon had reportedly said that Brooks was "the most insincere person I've ever seen... he thinks it's going to last forever. He's wrong."

While it was hard for Brooks to be disliked by a country hero, he still had nothing but respect for Waylon. “It was tough for me because he was a country legend and for some reason I was the guy that got the brunt of it,” Brooks said on the radio show, Electric Barnyard. “I never took it that personal. I just think he was addressing the different sound in country music and the changing of the guard. That’s tough for anybody to handle. The guy’s a legend and deserves nothing but respect."