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Country Music's Biggest Scandals

8. Gary Allan Vs. Taylor Swift And Carrie Underwood
During an interview with Larry King Now in 2013, Gary Allan slammed singers Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood as "pop artists making a living in the country genre."

Fans didn't appreciate the gate-keeping, and Allan was flooded with comments arguing against his statement. He eventually went on Facebook to elaborate on the point he was trying to make. 

"Country music has changed," Allan wrote. "During the interview I made it a point to say that my own music has changed over the years. I used to make very different music 10, 15 years ago."

"Country music is a blend these days. Our genre has enough room in it for me, a country artist whose country leans towards rock and for more pop sounding country artists, as well as more traditional sounding country artists. None of us are the same, but we all make country radio our home."