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Country Music's Biggest Scandals

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10. Eric Church Vs. Rascal Flatts
In 2006, Eric Church was set to open for the Rascal Flatt's Me and My Gang Tour. While it was a great opportunity for the performer, he eventually was fired by the band for playing too loudly and for too long.

"We asked him four times to stay to the allotted amount of time that he had to play," Jay DeMarcus told The Boot. "We sat him down in our dressing room and were like, 'Look. We'll put you on early so you can play longer. But please, just be off the stage because we still have to do our show.'" For every minute the band had to stay over, they had to pay thousands of dollars in labor fees, so their fines were adding up and costing them money.

Church later claimed he went over his time limit because he no longer wanted to be part of the tour and hoped they would fire him. But once they did, Church trolled the Rascal Flatts by following them from city to city and holding free mini concerts during the same time as their shows. He called it the Me and Myself Tour.