Mindy Kaling and Kate Middleton Wear the Same Floral Frock

Mindy Kaling and Kate Middleton Wear the Same Floral Frock(Source: Gf/Bauergriffin.com; FOX)Asking us to choose between Kate Middleton and Mindy Kaling would be like forcing us to compare earrings and necklaces. Aside from the impossibility of picking favorites, we're going to skip over the "Who wore it better?" game, considering both ladies styled this L.K. Benett poppy-print dress almost identically—with matching blue accessories and half-up hairstyles—and call it a tie. 

Mindy Kaling and Kate Middleton Wear the Same Floral Frock
(Source: FOX)Still, we must offer style points where credit is due. Where Kaling wins in timeliness—her character wore on last week's episode of The Mindy Project and even sported a similar all-blue version by the same designer a couple of weeks ago—Middleton triumphs in poise (for the simple fact that her public appearance didn't end with being physically removed from a first grade classroom). 

Like her fictional dramatic exit, Kaling was not about to let the fashion repeat go by unnoticed. Her caption read:
UHH, Miss Duchess Whoever, I WORE this dress last week! What's next? Kate in my donut print pajama bottoms I mean c'mon"
Middleton might have chosen a more graceful response, but the actress's sense of humor solidifies her place in our hearts. 

Considering everything the Duchess touches sells out, it should be no surprise that their floral frock is no longer available (though it should be noted that sizes were already limited when Kaling's character wore the garment last week). Tune in to FOX tonight at 9:30pm ET to see Mindy's latest fashion-forward attire (and the trouble she gets herself into while wearing it), and you might even spy a future royal ensemble. 
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