Lindsay Albanese Dishes On 'Who Wore It Better?'

From on-set secrets to how to impress fashion critics with your outfit game, get the inside scoop on the E! series.

Lindsay Albanese Dishes On 'Who Wore It Better?'
Source: Jeff Forney
Lindsay Albanese Dishes On 'Who Wore It Better?'
Source: E!

When we last caught up with Lindsay Albanese, she was offering us affordable fashion tips for fall. This spring, the style expert and vlogger is lending her fashion sense to E!'s series Who Wore It Better? to examine celebrities' red carpet choices. We got the scoop on how to win her over—along with some on-set style secrets. 

What do you look for in the ensembles you critique? “I’m big on dressing for the occasion. I will always be in favor of people who incorporate their own personal style, which isn’t necessarily playing it safe. I admire fearlessness, girls who will go outside of the box for the sake of fashion. I always look for risk-takers and balance in some way—one piece that anchors the look."

I’m not going to be degrading, but I am going to be disappointed and there’s a difference."

–Lindsay Albanese

In light of developments on Fashion Police, do you approach your input differently? "I’m outspoken and opinionated by nature, and they bring you on the show [for] your true opinions. I’m not coming from a snarky place, but if I don’t like something I don’t like something and I voice it. I’m not going to be degrading, but I am going to be disappointed and there’s a difference."

How do you select what you’re going to wear on-camera? "I always ask if the shot is going to be full-body or waist-up because that changes everything. I also like to have one element of my outfit that really stands out. You will never see me in a plain, black tank dress—it’s too simplistic. You also dress for the network: E! is fashion-forward but streamlined, so I want to make sure I dress to fit the brand of the show—which is my style essentially."

What are some of your go-to labels? "I wear a lot of Zara and Topshop and implement designer pieces from Phillip Lim, Alexander Wang and Michelle Mason. In my dream wardrobe, I would only wear Lanvin and Givenchy. I don’t have any of those pieces, but my dream wardrobe would be those two designers."

Lindsay Albanese Dishes On 'Who Wore It Better?'
Source: E!

Who are your style icons? "I can’t just say one person because there’s no such thing for me. From the past, it’s got to be Bianca Jagger from Studio 54—she was the epitome of edgy elegance in the ‘70s. On the red carpet [today], Diane Kruger always is fearless with her choices and perfectly pulled-together in the most unique way; Kate Moss is just eternally cool and effortless; and Gwen Stefani for individuality."

What wardrobe tips can you share with our readers? "Your style evolves, so if you don’t necessarily have it now it comes in time. Also it’s okay to have your uniform, and stick to the things that make you feel good. Stick to what makes you feel like the best version of yourself, and never wear anything you’re uncomfortable in. Ever."

For more of Albanese's stylish insights, tune in to Who Wore It Better? tonight at 8pm CDT on E!.

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