Surprisingly Sustainable Style Tips to Steal from the Set of 'Girls'

Show the past—and planet—some love by shopping vintage, with the help of costume designer Jenn Rogien.

Surprisingly Sustainable Style Tips to Steal from the Set of 'Girls'
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If you love the planet but simply can't fathom parting ways with your beloved designer duds, we have another sustainable solution—apart from limiting your wardrobe to eco-conscious brands—to consider: vintage shopping! Think about it: women from the past had it down. They didn't just buy trends, they invested in timeless items they could wear again and again. 

You might assume that a fashion-focused show such as Girls would only look to the latest and greatest trends on the runway, especially considering the HBO series is set in New York. However, the show's costume designer Jenn Rogien is a proud thrift shopper. In the spirit of Earth Month, we're sharing her savvy vintage shopping tips.  

Rogen's Thrift-Shopping Tips

Here's what to look out for when adding vintage pieces to your own wardrobe:

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    Surprisingly Sustainable Style Tips to Steal from the Set of 'Girls'

    "I always take measuring tape with me because the sizes from the past are so different from the contemporary sizes we recognize in retail stores. I know not everyone has one, but they're available at your local craft or hardware store; it'll save you from buying something you'll never be able to get into or alter to make wearable."

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    "Some can be removed, some cannot. Underarm stains can almost never be removed. Other things can be dealt with by a great dry cleaning, spot treatment, laundering or dying the garment a different color to camouflage the stain."

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    Wear & Tear

    Surprisingly Sustainable Style Tips to Steal from the Set of 'Girls'

    "Anything that is on a seam can be repaired, but anything that's in the middle of a solid panel of fabric is really difficult to repair without it looking obvious or accidental. If it happens to be a place where you want to convert the garment—cut it off, hem it up, turn into something else, etc—by all means, go for it."

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    "You want to put your hands on the garment and see if the fabric feels dried out. Fabric will get so old, it falls apart easily and becomes no longer wearable."

While the third season of Girls just wrapped, Rogen's other hit series is right around the corner: Stream the third season of Orange is the New Black starting June 12th on Netflix. 

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