'Gotham' Star Zabryna Guevara Dishes on Superheroes and Style

Gear up for the final episodes of the FOX series by getting to know the actress on and off set.

'Gotham' Star Zabryna Guevara Dishes on Style and Superheroes
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Zabryna Guevara is no stranger to superheroes. Having graduated from X-Men: Days of Future Past, the actress now stars as Gotham's resident police captain on the new FOX series. As the show (finally!) returns tonight for the first season's final four episodes, we checked in with the stylish mom to get the scoop on facing villains in style. 

'Gotham' Star Zabryna Guevara Dishes on Superheroes and Style
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How would you describe your personal style? "I don’t really have a particular theme that I gravitate towards. My sister tells me I’m a bit bohemian in the things I choose, sort of a cross between bohemian and classic. I like things that are very colorful and flowy."

Who are your style icons? "The people that come to my mind are folks like Jennifer Lopez or Madonna because they tend to really find great ways to reinvent themselves over and over again. It really keeps their looks and personas fresh. People are always interested in what they’re going to come out with next, and that always keeps me excited."

How has your style changed since becoming a mom? "Things fit me a little different because of having a kid. So in that respect, I’ve changed a little but in terms of things I’m generally attracted to that’s all stayed the same." 

Of all the characters you've played, whose style do you relate to the most? "I did a show that was set in the ‘50s in Cuba, and every outfit I wore I wanted to keep for myself—they tailored them all to me. The dresses that cinch in the waist and then flare out, I just love those. And hats—if we could go back to that era, I would."

'Gotham' Star Zabryna Guevara Dishes on Style and Superheroes
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What is your favorite part of your Gotham wardrobe? "Our costume designer Lisa Padovani's got this really great sense of what style of blouse fits me best, and that's the biggest thing for me: that I can wear a blouse and skirt suits and still look feminine, sexy and feel good about myself."

I’m much more natural and low-key than my character Sarah. If I don’t have to wear makeup, I don’t."

–Zabryna Guevara

And how does your beauty routine compare to your character's? "I’m much more natural and low-key than my character Sarah. If I don’t have to wear makeup, I don’t or I do light makeup. Gotham is a much more saturated, darker, more brooding world with a lot more craziness surrounded by it. My life is pretty calm in the sense that I’m not trying to look a certain way. I like to be very comfortable and to look as fresh and natural as I can—especially keeping up with my kids. It makes things so much easier when I’m running around with them at the park or picking them up from school." 

What is the one part of your routine you can't live without? "My hair products are the things that I’m addicted to. I have a potpourri of different products I use on different days and for different events or occasions. I have Ojon, Curlisto, Not Your Mother’s—for days I’m just kind of being low-key. Every curly hair product has come through my bathroom and has been used on my hair at some point. That’s the most important thing: to make sure that my curly hair is as healthy as I can keep it. I generally wear it down, full curls."

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Do you have a favorite superhero? “This is going to sound ridiculous, but I got started reading on the Batman graphic novels as research once I booked this role, and I thought, ‘Wow I really missed out on this canon because it’s really amazing.’ I’m still in that love affair with Batman—I’m in love with his altruism and his sense of righteousness. Harvey Dent [is] probably second most fascinating to me just because he does such a 180 from who he is in the beginning. That psychological journey is fascinating to me.” 

Tune in to the final four episodes of the first season of Gotham, which returns tonight at 8pm EDT on FOX. 

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