Kym Whitley's Rainbow of Button-Ups on 'Young & Hungry'

Kym Whiteley's Rainbow of Button-Ups on 'Young & Hungry'(Source: ABC Family; Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)Kym Whitley's in on the secret to always looking polished: When you find something that works for you, stock up. Rather than choosing a favorite hue, however, the Young & Hungry actress embraces all bright shades, as evidenced by her character's colorful wardrobe on the ABC Family series. We got the scoop on her bold staple blouses, so you can enliven your own closet.

Kym Whiteley's Rainbow of Button-Ups on 'Young & Hungry'(Source: ABC Family)Over the past few weeks, we've been tracking the witty housekeeper's rainbow romp, which mirrors her character's cheerful personality. Coincidentally enough, Whitley's flattering tops made their on-screen appearances in order of the color spectrum, starting with yellow and green earlier this month and different shades of blue last week, as well as the week before. Although she keeps her silhouette and saturation the same, each top has its own flair: Her emerald essential comes in a classic cut, while the pastel blue offers front-ruffle detailing. Meanwhile, the canary and peacock options boast front-zipper pockets. Additionally, her signature garment comes in both regular and plus-sizes.

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