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The Real Brands Behind Costco's Kirkland Products

7. Kirkland Signature Premium Sliced Bacon: Hormel Foods
People are picky about where their meat comes from, and it's understandable why. You want to make sure you're eating healthy cuts, and you also want to know that the animals were treated humanely. That's why Costco was picky with its bacon supplier. Corporate buyer Sarah George visited 10 bacon plants before landing on Hormel in 2004.

"Unable to find a precooked bacon of high enough quality, Costco turned to its current bacon supplier, Hormel, to make one. The resulting product was co-branded Hormel. Hormel already makes a precooked bacon, but Costco's is sliced thicker," Supermarket News shared.

Kirkland Signature Premium Sliced Bacon, $16.49, Costco