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The Real Brands Behind Costco's Kirkland Products

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17. Kirkland Signature La Mancha Spanish Saffron: La Mancha
In 2008 news broke that not only would Costco start selling saffron, but it would be selling the highest-quality saffron a cook could get. It went directly to the Castilla La Mancha region in Spain, which is home of the world’s best saffron. According to a Seattle Times' article in 2008, Costco buys most of the region's saffron stock and then sells it for a bargain to its customers.

“We want the best of the best, and we want to offer it to our members without them having to pay the premium,” said Costco buyer Gary Kotzen. “We’ll bring it in, package it ourselves and offer it to our members at about one third or even one fifth of the cost of similar saffron... We did the same thing in 1997 with Tuscan olive oil.”

Kirkland Signature La Mancha Spanish Saffron, $13.19, Costco