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These Are The Only Celebrity #TBT Pics You Need To See

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One of the original trends of Instagram, throwback Thursday pictures have kept us entertained through the years. Pretty much all of us have participated in the tradition, and that includes celebrities too. In fact, celebrity throwback pics are some of our absolute favorites because it's so fun to see all these big names in such a different light — or at least remember them during their younger days. 

Celebrities have posted a wide variety of #TBT pictures, from adorable baby pictures, to hilarious teenage shots, to photos from the early days of their careers. We especially love when they post throwback pics with other celebrities, like the one Katharine McPee posted with none other than Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, herself. 

Whether they're celebrating someone's birthday, a holiday, or simply looking back on their early life, we just can't get enough of celebrity throwback pics. For your viewing pleasure, we've compiled the absolute best celeb throwback photos that you need to see. How do your #TBT posts size up?