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These Were The Cutest Couples Of Award Show Season

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Award seasons has come and gone, and to be honest, we're kind of sad about it. While celebrities are prominent throughout the year, no time is more jam-packed with Hollywood's finest than the months between September and February, when award season is in full swing. Kicking off with the Emmys, the season culminates to the end of February, when the Oscars wrap up the glamour-filled months. The award shows acknowledge the best in the film, TV, and music industries, so you know pretty much every celebrity is in attendance.

All that aside, what's a star-studded award show without a red carpet? And what's a red carpet without some seriously cute celebrity couples? Not much, if you ask us. That's right — the award show arrivals are just as big of a deal as the ceremonies themselves. We say it every time, but if there is anything we love more than watching one celebrity stroll down the red carpet, it's watching two celebrities instead. Lucky for us, this past award season gave us a ton of fabulous couples, from Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez to Sterling K. Brown and Ryan Michelle Bathe. Let's just say, the red carpet was teaming with smokin' hot celebrity love.

Take a look back at the red carpets and keep reading for the cutest couples from the 2018-2019 award show season.