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The Cutest Ever Tiny Houses On Airbnb

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Obsessed with tiny houses? Us, too! After staying in a tiny home for the first time in Welches, Oregon, I'm convinced: These "pint-sized getaways" are the real deal. And, since experiential travel is about so much more than the size of the house you're renting (which, at typically no more than a couple hundred square feet, is indeed petite), this frees you up to focus on the breadth of your experience.

But don't be fooled by the small stature of these homes: Most of them come fully equipped with all the amenities you could want and need. Plus, they've got the full-on whimsy factor. What more could you ask for?

From charming mini cabins in the forest (featuring rope bridges and platforms that open so that you can sleep beneath the stars), to storybook European cottages straight out of a fairytale, I've gathered some of the cutest ever tiny home rentals Airbnb has to offer. Trust me when I say there's something for everyone ahead.

Ready to plan your own little miniature getaway?