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Watch out, world: Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are taking over. Ever since the two got together — and just as quickly, got engaged within a few weeks of dating — we, and the rest of the Internet, just can't seem to get enough.

But will they stay together forever? Or will they crash and burn, to which we'll be treated to more glorious pop ballads of the post-breakup nature re: the God is a Woman crooner? I mean, we all know how these things usually pan out, but somehow I still can't pull my eyes away.

That being said, the No Tears Left to Cry singer and Saturday Night Live star really don't care what you and I and the rest of the Internet think, although frankly, the majority of Twitter and Instagram stan them. Hard. Either way, Pete and Ariana have shamelessly blasted their PDA all over the interwebs since announcing their engagement on June 21.

While some may think the two need to get a room (Seth Rogen, we're looking at you), I have to admit, I fully stan them too. That's why I diligently searched Instagram for some of the cutest photos of the two so far. It was tough going, considering the newly engaged couple has only been dating for around a month, if that. Let me tell you, though, even the Grinch-iest of hearts (mine included) won't be able to resist melting over these candids. Trust.