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Rare Photos Of The Sweet Moments Between Prince William And Kate Middleton

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There is no shortage of pictures of Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are constantly getting their photo taken, whether they're on one of their tours, or just going to Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace. Being photographed is part of their royal job description, and from the looks of it, they seem pretty used to it. 

The thing is, as you would probably expect, being a royal comes with some major rules and restrictions, and you better believe a few relate to proper photo etiquette. As a royal, it's frowned on to engage in PDA, which is why you almost always see the family looking poised and proper, even when with their significant other.

Yet, even though they are royals, they are humans too, and sometimes you can catch a glimpse at what they're like behind closed doors. We especially love spotting these rare public moments between Will and Kate, when they let their guard down and just look so damn cute. 

These two have been together for nearly 15 years, and I think it's safe to say their love is pretty evident. Check out these rare photos of the sweetest moments between Prince William and Kate Middleton.