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Engagements are always an exciting milestone, but not everyone rushes down the aisle. Wedding planning isn't exactly an easy feat, and it only becomes all the more complicated when you're in Hollywood. There are schedules to work around, security to hire, and private locations to hunt up. While many celeb engagements seem like a whirlwind, there are plenty of A-listers that take their time before saying "I do."

If you're outside of Hollywood, there are many balls in the air when it comes to planning your wedding. You have to nail down a venue, find the perfect dress, and find a band or DJ that won't make your mom's head spin. But when you're a celebrity, there are more factors to consider. Paparazzi will be lurking in the bushes, high powered careers will demand your focus, and sometimes big families come together and need to give kids time to adjust. Not everyone has the same path, which is why there are a handful of celebs who have waited a substantial amount of time before sealing the deal. Swapping rings can sometimes take time. Ahead are some of the longest celebrity engagements.