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Lately, I've been hooked on audiobooks. They help me clean without complaint, they accompany me on long walks, and they make getting stuck in traffic less of a nuisance. In fact, my husband and I rely on their entertainment to make the long haul home for the holidays. My personal favorite? John Krakauer's Into Thin Air. The suspense and unexpected twists were intensely heightened by the fact it all. really. happened. In a completely different vein, Madeline Miller's mythology-based Circe was both beautifully written and elegantly narrated, eliciting major feels upon its completion.

Looking for my next literary listen, I reached out to the internet's book gurus at Goodreads. They proceeded to fill me in on their top 10 favorite audiobooks of all time. Dive into their list and you may actually start looking forward to that daily drive.