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The Most Daring Celebrity Wedding Gowns

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Of course there’s nothing wrong with a classic wedding dress — it’s beautiful and timeless. But don’t you love it when someone breaks away from the norm and wears something no other bride ever has? We sure do.

Which is why we gathered the most fearless, most high-fashion celebrity gowns for your perusal. From Anne Hathaway’s pink Valentino ballgown to Julianne Hough’s scandalously sheer Marchesa design, you’re going to want to see every single one of these unforgettable bridal looks. And we say looks because not everyone chooses to wear a dress for their big day. Believe it or not, one fashion maven rocked an elegant pair of shorts (yes, shorts can be elegant). Capes, jumpsuits, and extraordinary veils have also had their moments in the spotlight. Some of these statement-making celebs even traded in traditional white for stark black (or vibrant neon hues!) to say their nuptials.

So whether you'd love to replicate these ensembles or you'd gasp at the thought, these stars certainly didn't shy away from taking a risk — and for that we commend them. In fact, we hope these might inspire you to walk down the aisle in something that is uniquely you. Have a look, your pinboards are eagerly waiting.