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The Most Daring Award Show Dresses Of The Year

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What's your favorite season? I don't know about you, but ours is award show season. Kicking off in September with the Emmys, award season spans about five months and ends with the most important award show of them all — the Oscars. These award shows honor the best in film, television, and music, and therefore bring out pretty much every celebrity in the book. And when celebrities come out to play, you know things are going to be entertaining.

Everyone knows the best part of award shows is the red carpet that comes before it (okay okay, the awards themselves are pretty cool, too). Each year, attendees and viewers alike anxiously wait to see what the biggest names in Hollywood will wear as they arrive for the big events. These are the most important red carpets out there, so you know everyone is going to come dressed to impress. 

From the SAG Awards to the Grammys, each award show thoroughly filled our fashion-loving needs. Whether it was one of Gemma Chan's pink dresses or any of Lady Gaga's starlet looks, we just couldn't get enough of this year's red carpet outfits. 

Now that award season has officially come to a close, we couldn't think of a better time to look back at all of our favorite bold and fearless looks.