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There's a reason we love the Emmy Awards — they're as fancy as the Oscars but with room for more risk-taking in the dress department. It’s also the time when small screen celebs get the opportunity to show off major style.

There are particular stars who happen to slay this red carpet every single time they step on it. In fact, it's safe to officially proclaim Heidi Klum, Eva Longoria, January Jones, and Claire Danes Emmy royalty. These ladies forgo the classic mermaid and ballgowns in favor of edgier designs. We're talking bare backs, plunging necklines, neon hues, and decadent trains. Take a look at how these ladies, and their Hollywood peers, have boldly dressed in years past.

Whether you're pinning these looks to your fantasy wardrobe Pinterest boards or critiquing them with your friends, you have to give these women their much-deserved credit — this would be a very boring red carpet without their fearless fashion ventures.