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The Most Daring Dresses At The 2021 Met Gala

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After a long delay from its usual first Monday in May, every fashion-lovers favorite red carpet event has arrived: The Met Gala! This years theme — In America: A Lexicon of Fashion — is a bit of a head-scratcher at first read, but basically is an ode to American designers and their advancements in every realm. Andrew Bolton, the curator of the Costume Institute, explained to Vogue, "I think that the emphasis on conscious creativity was really consolidated during the pandemic and the social justice movements, and I’ve been really impressed by American designers’ responses to the social and political climate, particularly around issues of body inclusivity and gender fluidity, and I’m just finding their work very, very self-reflective. I really do believe that American fashion is undergoing a Renaissance. I think young designers in particular are at the vanguard of discussions about diversity and inclusion, as well as sustainability and transparency, much more so than their European counterparts, maybe with the exception of the English designers."

The theme was hard to spot on the red carpet, but that didn't mean there wasn't an endless stream of incredible looks to delight us. Big celebrity names never miss this red carpet soiree! From singers to models and actresses, Jennifer Lopez to Irina Shayk and Megan Fox, the star power at the Met Gala was in full force.

The newest addition to this year's red carpet? The number of Gen Z stars to make their first Met Ball appearances. We're talking Billie Eilish, Madison Beer, Addison Rae, Emma Chamberlain, and Olivia Rodrigo. Each looking uniquely gorgeous and fearlessly high-fashion. But don't take our word for it, keep reading to see the boldest, most beautiful, and most daring dresses from this epic night.