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The Most Daring Dresses Ever Worn At The Grammy Awards

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25. Kim Kardashian In Jean Paul Gaultier, 2015
Kim Kardashian stunned in a Jean Paul Gaultier robe on the 2015 red carpet, which her husband, Kanye West, chose for her straight from the label's catwalk in Paris. But the couture look didn't come without its malfunctions. Apparently it tore just seconds before stepping onto the red carpet.

"Basically, my pocket fell off — the whole pocket fell off,' she shared during E!'s After Party show. "When I sat it ripped and we were sewing and safety-pinning."

While it's easy to imagine Kanye seeing the dress in Paris and grabbing it for Kim, he actually came across it online. "'He saw this online at a couture show and sent me the picture and said, 'Babe do you like this dress?'" she told Daily Mail. "He called the designer, gets it and it’s sitting my dressing room. I’m the luckiest woman alive."

But such an intricately beaded gown isn't a cinch to sit in. "It’s probably 100 pounds," she said. 

While Kardashian loved the couture look, three years later she would be snubbed by the designer for allegedly stealing his perfume bottle design. When Kardashian revealed her famous KKW Body bottle, which was made from a cast of her body, Gaultier was quick to point out it looked just like his Classique scent. His body-shaped bottle launched in 1993, 25 years before Kardashian's scent.