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The Most Daring Dresses Ever Worn At The Grammy Awards

2. Toni Braxton In Richard Tyler, 2001
Toni Braxton stunned fans in 2001 with her barely-there white satin dress. And like all things that involve precariously held together items, the gown needed a lot of tape to work. "The dress had a thong inside, and we used double-stick tape on top," she told New York's Daily News. "It stayed put all night."

While a stunner, the photos didn't do it justice when it came to capturing just how provocative it was. The gown had a low cut front, barely there sides, and no back. The artist wore it to the event on loan from Richard Tyler, but he profited from the buzz just as much as Braxton did. "Tyler said 10 people already have called his Los Angeles store to request the $3,400 gown," The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported in 2001.

"Toni has a really great body and I knew that this was a show-stopping dress," Tameka Foster, Braxton's stylist, told Baltimore Sun. She spent three weeks pouring over designers' collections before picking this one from Richard Tyler's Couture Spring 2001 presentation.

"She's about to get married and she was thinking, 'I haven't had any children, while I still have the body, let's try this one more time,'" added Foster.

The gown was compared to Jennifer Lopez's Versace Grammy moment, which happened just a year prior.