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The Most Daring Dresses Ever Worn At The Grammy Awards

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23. Christina Aguilera In Versace, 2000
Christina Aguilera captured the zeitgeist of the early noughties with her chainmail Versace dress. It had an asymmetrical hemline, looked like it was made from molten liquid, and was embroidered with sparkly butterflies. But while it was mini in size, it wasn't light. "This dress weighs more than I do," Aguilera joked on the red carpet

Aguilera took home the Best New Artist award that year, which only caused the dress to be buzzed about even more. The gown came from the Spring/Summer 1999 Versace runway show, which friends Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell famously walked together. It seemed that Aguilera wore a version of Campbell's runway dress, just the artist's frock was a little bit longer in length.

Because of its early-2000s appeal, the dress has long stayed in the forefront of pop culture. It had a small comeback in 2018, when Blake Lively arrived to Versace’s pre-fall 2019 show wearing a piece from that iconic '99 collection. The actress posed for photographers donning a vintage chainmail dress, and the gown was thought to be the same one that Kate Moss originally wore down the runway, which currently retails for a whopping $88,000!

The reason Lively turned up to the event in a throwback piece was because the Italian house was celebrating its roots that year. In the 2017 Spring/Summer show, Versace paid tribute to its founder, Gianni, and created a collection inspired by some of his best designs. He was known for using the liquid-like chainmail throughout his collections, so Lively wanted to honor him with her vintage ensemble.