7. Katy Perry In Armani, 2011
Katy Perry got her wings at the 2011 Grammys, and they were gifted by Armani. The designer custom-made the ethereal outfit for the artist, which consisted of a Swarovski crystal encrusted bra and an iridescent organza ruffled skirt. This was topped off with subtly-lit feather wings. Armani made three outfits total for Perry: one for the red carpet, one for her performance, and a mini cocktail dress for the after party.

"I see Katy as an intriguing mix of naughty and nice. For the red carpet I created a dress that would reflect that personality," Armani told WWD. "The iridescent white silk organza skirt with a long cascading train and the crystal-encrusted bustier were enhanced by a pair of feather wings. She looked like an angel, but a very provocative one.”

Armani also color-coordinated her family, who came to the red carpet with her. Perry's then-husband, Russel Brand wore a silver suit, black shirt, and black tie; mom wore a silver dress, dad wore a silver suit, and grandma has a Swarovski-crystal-covered cane! When a journalist asked her grandma if Katy really was an angel, she answered, "Yes. In disguise.” Aw.