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The Most Daring Dresses Ever Worn At The Grammy Awards

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28. Jennifer Lopez In Emilio Pucci, 2011
Jennifer Lopez might not have been up for any awards that night, but she shined brighter than most in her Emilio Pucci dress. The long sleeve gown was made from a series of reflective disks, making her shimmer from every angle on the red carpet. While most might have tried to tame down the disco-like dress with their accessories, Lopez decided to punch it up instead. She paired the silver mini with Christian Louboutin ‘Very Mix’ spiked heels (which featured a mirrored platform and a blend of rhinestones and spikes,) and a Goa crystal clutch by Daniel Swarovski. Then for an extra touch of sparkle, Lopez wore over $340,000 worth of Cartier jewelry. Clearly Lopez believed in the motto, "Go big or go home."

Lopez arrived on the red carpet with her then-husband Marc Anthony, and when she was asked about her dress by Extra, he had a few opinions of his own. "It looks like a long glass t-shirt, if you ask me," Anthony joked.

When she made her way to the Access Hollywoodportion of the red carpet, the reporters (one of which was Pauly D!) asked if the dress was heavy because of all of the embellishments. Lopez's answer was surprising. "No it's not heavy. I actually feel very relaxed, like I just threw this on because I had to come here real quick," she laughed. Pucci clearly has a gift.