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The Most Daring Dresses Ever Worn At The Grammy Awards

6. Miley Cyrus In Alexandre Vauthier Couture, 2015
Miley Cyrus felt like donning something risque to the 2015 Grammys and donned this Alexandre Vauthier Couture dress. The gown had a series of cut-outs going down its sides, creating a bandage-like effect. There was undoubtedly a lot of tape involved for this one.

The Paris-based designer had a signature sexy-sporty style, which Cyrus really responded to that year. She also shopped directly from his runway for her 2015 VMA look, making her a staunch supporter of the label that year. 

Simone Harouche was the stylist behind the look, and who helped transform the 22-year-old's image in 2013, distancing her from her Hannah Montana persona. (Harouche was also the stylist that transitioned Christina Aguilera from her Drrty era to her pinup retro phase.) 

The two had been working together for a long time at that point, and Harouche loved how Cyrus' wild aesthetic pushed her as a creative. "I'll just say that working with Miley is an amazing experience," she told Hollywood Reporter in 2015. "I love her. We have been working together for six years, she continues to evolve and push boundaries as an artist and a person. She inspires me and challenges me to expand my own creativity, and not just settle for what's there. She challenges me to always push further."