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The Most Daring Looks At The 2021 MTV VMAs

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Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images North America
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The MTV VMAs are always the most fun (and funky!) of the awards shows each year and the 2021 showing was no exception. After a lacking 2020 show thanks to the pandemic, this year everyone went all-out on the red carpet. There were giant hats (Kacey Musgraves), larger-than-life bows (Camila Cabello), '90s vibes (Charli D'Amelio), sheer sparkles (Megan Fox), and lots and lots of skin (basically everyone). There was a little something for everyone on the red carpet, well, except maybe your grandma...

It was clear that all of the stars wanted to make a statement on the red carpet and they surely accomplished that mission. It's hard to pick which ensemble was the MOST daring in this bunch, that's for sure. 

Which daring dress is your favorite?