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The Most Daring MTV VMA Fashion Of All Time

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MTV Video Music Awards never disappoint, particularly when it comes to style. Sure, it doesn’t have the glamour of the Met Gala or Cannes and certainly isn’t the Oscars — but it delivers its own brand of fearless fashion. You probably won’t see a lot of safe gowns here. Instead, you’ll see a parade of unique looks on one of the most eclectic red carpets of the year.

Remember when Beyonce announced her pregnancy in that bold orange Lanvin gown? Or when Lady Gaga disturbed the world with her meat dress? This is the red carpet where Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus put their wild sides on full display. Where JLo set trends and Taylor Swift rolled up with her squad. This red carpet practically has no rules, or if it did, those rules were broken. Whether celebs want to go casual, formal, or over-the-top, they can wear whatever they want at the VMAs — and the results can get pretty crazy, in a very fashionable way, of course!

Let’s take a look back at the most memorable MTV VMA moments to date, from 2004 to today. Whose risk paid off and whose didn’t? You be the judge. And for this year's show, expect the unexpected.