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The Most Daring Dresses Of The Year

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29. Gwen Stefani At The 2020 Grammy Awards
Gwen Stefani decided to switch it up to the 2020 Grammys by wearing a custom made Dolce & Gabbana mini dress. It was both a little bit Renaissance-inspired and a little bit futuristic, making it an interesting look. But her dress had a sweet inspiration behind it: her longtime boyfriend Blake Shelton. The duo were set to perform their new duet “Nobody But You," during the Grammys show, and the two walked the red carpet together. 

The couple has a playful relationship, and when they reached Ryan Seacrest with E! News on the red carpet, they were full of jokes about Stefani's Dolce & Gabbana shell-decorated dress. (The pattern was made with little shells embroidered together into an Art Deco pattern.) “I can hear the ocean in there," Shelton joked.

“Shell-ton, do you get it?” Stefani quipped. “Basically Blake has been gathering shells for the last four years since we met." While it seemed like a joke, there is a possibility the design story could be true. "It's actually Dolce & Gabbana, and the designers did use some of the shells that Blake collected for me over the years," she elaborated. When Seacrest asked it that was true, Shelton responded, "Of course, man. Actually, some of these still have creatures in them." The couple were full of jokes on the red carpet that night.