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The Most Daring Dresses Of The Year

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25. Sophie Turner At The 2020 SAG Awards
Sophie Turner had a major moment in pink when she attended the SAG Awards in a strapless Louis Vuitton confection complete with a bustier top and thigh-baring skirt. The actress showed her support for her show, Game of Thrones, which was nominated for Best Ensemble in a Drama Series. 

The British star spoke to Fashionista about her personal style, favorite places to shop, and switching up her hair colors. "My personality changes from [hair] color to color and so does the way that I style my hair. For instance, when I was a redhead, I would definitely go with more classic Veronica Lake waves when I was out and about. Then when I became a blonde, I wanted to be a bit more edgy. It would affect my personality and the way that I dress — everything. I went to Japan recently and the Harajuku neighborhood in Tokyo, that's definitely one of my favorites for the most fun shopping. It makes you so happy, that area, and they have these crazy cool little stores. One of my favorite stores in Harajuku is called Pin Nap and it has really cool, vintage clothing. Very '90s. I would describe my personal style now as comfortable. In my everyday wear, I'm quite tomboy-ish. I used to be very, very girly and now, I like things a bit sexier and a bit more comfortable and a bit, yeah, tomboy-ish. Every day I wear a T-shirt, sweatpants and sneakers."