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The Most Daring Dresses Of The Year

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31. Camila Cabello At The 2020 Grammy Awards
Camila Cabello wowed fans at the 2020 Grammys by coming in the unexpected: She wore a gothic Versace gown that was dark and moody. The Atelier Versace dress was actually two dresses in one. It was a strapless mini dress with a woven lattice leather bodice embellished in large Swarovski crystals, and a tiered black tulle skirt that was hand-embroidered with Barocco motifs. The skirt parted in the middle so the mini skirt flashed underneath, ensuring the dress didn't feel too heavy.

Cabello accented the vampy look with 100 carats of diamonds from Le Vian. Her show-stopping diamond collar necklace cost a stunning $2 million, and had 64-carats. The Versace gown came from Atelier Versace's Fall 2019 collection, but it was altered for the red carpet. The original dress had a more structured skirt, with a massive angle at the hip that was deflated for Cabello. It also came with a gold vintage belt, which the artist decided to go without.

As for the mini dress underneath, it was an illusion dress that made it look like you were wearing a fishnet frock. It also had fringe on the hem, giving it a rocker-inspired edge.