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The Most Daring Shoes Ever Worn On The Red Carpet

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May 11, 2016 - Source: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Europe
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What good is a pretty dress without the right shoes to go with it? How many times have we ruined a look by choosing the wrong footwear? It doesn't take Anna Wintour's eye to notice that the perfect pair of shoes really completes a stylish outfit.

Some celebs choose cool footwear to add spice to a simple dress. Others wear statement shoes to round out a head-to-toe over-the-top ensemble (looking at you, Lady Gaga). And sometimes, celebrities hit the red carpet just to show off shoes — never mind the dress or the rest of the outfit, their look is all about the Louboutins!

Can you imagine how boring red carpets would be without these women who know how to finish off their looks with daring shoe choices? While we love to look at dresses, it is always infinitely better when celebs pick bold footwear to go with their frocks. Red carpets are more memorable when Lady Gaga steps on them in her signature chunky platforms. Or Kim K. in her hip-high Balenciaga boots. Or Rihanna in her thigh-high Dsquared2 lace-up heels.

These daring shoes may be hard to pull off and we probably wouldn't have a reason to wear them ourselves, but that doesn't mean we enjoy them any less. So come live out your red carpet shoe fantasy (minus the blisters) with these bold choices gathered below.