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The Most Daring Shoes Ever Worn On The Red Carpet

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May 11, 2016 - Source: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Europe
Julia Roberts
In 2016, Julia Roberts began her day at the Cannes Film Festival in peep-toe platforms, but as the day progressed she was photographed walking the red carpet without them. And by that, we don't mean she changed into flats. Rather she was completely barefoot! “A lot was happening from my ankles up,” she told Australia’s Sunrise channel. “Let’s not forget all that. A lot of time and effort went into ankles up. I just want to say for the record...I looked nice last night!”

However, many fans interpreted the barefoot walk as a rebellion against the festival organizers. The year prior, a group of women in their 50s wearing flats were barred from attending the screening of Carol because of their footwear, so it's possible Roberts went barefoot as a rebuff against the sexist rule.