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The Most Stunning Celebrity Engagement Rings

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Getting engaged is a memorable affair, where your loved one gets down on one knee and asks you to spend the rest of your life with them. And while wedding bells are ringing away in your head and you grab the phone to call your family and share the good news, everyone has one question: What does the ring look like? And that only becomes all the more prevalent when you're an A-lister.

There are some stunning celebrity engagement rings out there, where the diamonds are as big as door knockers. From interesting shapes — like Lady Gaga's heart shaped ring or Katy Perry's bloom — to unusual colors and beautiful settings, there's a lot to appreciate.

As you can imagine, the rings come with an impressive price tag. Many of Hollywood's engagement rings easily clock in at over $100,000. And then there are those more ambitious couples that inch towards the million dollar mark. You can only imagine that amount of sparkle.

From Harry Winston to Cartier, ahead are some of the most expensive celebrity engagement rings in recent years. Some marriages have lasted, some couples have went their separate ways, and some even broke off their engagements. But the love was there, and it expressed itself in the form of a museum-like diamond. Check out some of the most impressive (and pricey!) celebrity rings ahead.