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Your Ultimate Guide To The Most Famous Royal Engagement Rings

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While the most important aspect of an engagement is the couple's commitment to getting married, we can't deny the fact that a ring plays a pretty significant part. After learning of a couple's engagement, one of the first things people want to do is get a glimpse of the ring. While we know it's just a material object, we can't help but be interested — we're only human after all!

This engagement ring obsession is especially apparent when it comes to royals, because you know they're not going to have just any average ring. Not only are their rings gigantic (one features an over 19-carat stone), but they tend to get a little unconventional with their choice of stones. For example, the British royal family absolutely love their sapphires — we'd say almost more than their diamonds! 

These rings are quite literally suited for a queen, and it most certainly shows. Keep reading to check out some of our favorite royal engagement rings and prepare to have your jaw drop at all the bling bling.