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The Most Generous Brands In Fashion

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While fast fashion brands offer up micro-collections every week, there is a growing crop of conscious consumers that want to give their money only to brands that are sustainable and ethical. It's not an easy switch to make, but if you're ready to shop less and invest in a better future, there are a plethora of fashion and beauty brands that focus on giving back. There are independent stores that give a significant portion of their proceeds to charities, companies that pay their workers a fair livable wage, brands that offset their carbon footprint, and corporations that build up the communities that they employ.

From online shops that focus on helping their third-world workers break their cycle of generational poverty, to cosmetics brands that donate their profits to organizations that fight for gender rights, there are a lot of worthy causes to give your money to. Ahead are the most generous brands in fashion, giving you an idea where you can shop ethically and with a clean conscience. Plus, all of these stores are really cute — meaning your style will only flourish with these collections! Check them out and see if any of them will become your new favorite place to shop.