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These Are The Most Iconic Movie Dresses Of All Time

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12. Cleopatra, 'Cleopatra'
Considering this movie is about Cleopatra, you know that the title character, played by none other than Elizabeth Taylor, sported some pretty magnificent outfits. While they were all amazing, the one we're going to talk about is this sparkling, gold gown. The dress is paired with gold accessories, including a headdress and a layered piece that looks like a pair of wings. 

The costume department on Cleopatra put in some real work, so much so that Elizabeth Taylor earned the Guinness World Record title for "Most costume changes in a film" for her 65 costume changes, though the record was later beat by Julie Andrews for the movie Star!

Nonetheless, Cleopatra won Best Costume Design (color) at the 1964 Academy Awards.