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While it was still a relatively young art form in the '90s, the music video was arguably the most prominent symbol of pop culture success and popularity at the time. I mean, when you think about your favorite songs from the '90s, don't you also think about running home from school with your friends to watch their videos on TRL? 

If we're going to talk about '90s music videos, then we can't not talk about all of the feels they give us. So guess what? The following list of music videos will do just that — take you on a trip down memory lane to the decade in which most millennials were born (unless you're an '80s baby, in which case you'll remember some of these vids better than most)!

From unforgettable pop sensations to classics like Semisonic's Closing Time, these music videos pretty much defined the decade. Keep reading for the most iconic '90s music videos, ranked from the least to the most feels they give us upon re-watching.