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Life is full of chapters. If only we could be given a wonderfully motivating pep talk each time one ended and another was about to begin. And, really, it's not even just those milestone moments when we could use a little inspiration. It's the day-to-day, as we question our paths and choose how to live our lives, that we benefit from being reminded of the bigger picture.

That's the crazy thing about life. It's over in the blink of an eye if we're not paying attention and we really do have power over how it all unfolds. So, save yourself the boredom of attending a graduation with all those names being called, and jump straight to the good stuff — those words of wisdom we all crave to remind us what matters most.

The following are some of the best commencement addresses floating around on the web, (what an awesome world we live in where you didn't have to graduate or know someone from these colleges to be able to hear all these incredible words!). And, if you like the quotes we chose, the links are all there for you to listen to the full speeches and fill the background of your day with a mixture of humor, emotion, and perhaps even the guidance you've been seeking.