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Award Show Moments You'll Never Forget (Or Wish You Could)

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If there is one thing you can count on from award shows, it's that something crazy is going to go down. Sure, the ceremonies are about honoring the best in the music, film, and TV industries, but they always prove to be so much more eventful. I mean, when you get all of the biggest names in Hollywood together, how could there not be something at least a little bit crazy?

From the Academy Awards to the MTV Video Music Awards, there is no shortage of award shows either, which means there's even higher potential for wild moments. Through the years there have been controversies, kisses, groundbreaking moments, and a fair share of mishaps — not to mention literal missteps, too (Jennifer Lawrence famously fell on the Oscars stage one year). Actors, actresses, singers, and more have contributed the list of award show moments that we'll never be able to forget. 

Come with us as we take a look back at the most memorable award show moments of all time. Some of these you'll be happy to remember, while others you'll wish you could forget (we're looking at you, 2000 Oscar red carpet Angelina Jolie).