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Usher's Unexpected Rant
While visiting TRL near the end of its glory days in 2008, Usher went on a bit of a rant, totally to host Damien Fahey's surprise. There had been recent rumors that he and his wife, Tameka Foster, were separating, that he took to the air to discuss. Here's a portion of what he said

"I love my wife very, very much. There was a little rumor earlier this week about us separating. It ain't true. We in love. Get outta there. Matter of fact, I'm tired of people continuing to talk so much trash about me, know what I'm saying? And my relationship. My wife is not 40 years old. I love her to death and I'm a black, strong man in America standing up for my people — as a man to my wife, to my son, to my family. I'm making a stand that a lot of us should make. I coulda been like any other man who has a child and live with that woman and continue to just play the game. … I'm trying to do it the right way. This is the way your supposed to do it! Pay attention, fellas. And my wife had nothing to do with me firing my mother — nothing like that, that's trash. I hear y'all talking crazy out there, she's a beautiful black woman. Stop. Stop talking. And I love her. Stop it."