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Every '90s kid knows that TRL was so much more than just any old show on MTV. The program centered around a countdown of the top 10 music videos of the day (remember when MTV actually played music videos?), but more importantly, it featured celebrity guests that would visit the show. Sure, TRL covered mainstream music and was teen-centered, but we were teens ourselves after all. And even so, you can bet TRL was a rite of passage for any up and coming singer or musician.

I would tune into TRL pretty much every day after school without fail. And I don't know, but things were just different back then, and you could always count on something wild going down. There were some pretty iconic, and sometimes even shocking, moments that shaped the course of many artists' careers. 

Total Request Live ran for one decade, from 1998-2008. I guess as of late 2017 they launched a reboot, but we all know when the real TRL took place. Take a look back at the show's glory days, with the most memorable TRL moments from the decade it aired.